Targeted Areas & Clients

While expanding our Business Network, we will always concentrate the labor force density areas to look for our project for camps. We may mention here that 55% business will be covered from low wages income expatriates who are labors and our main business is moreover in labor camps. We would like to mention here that the chairman of our company had good contacts with couple of big companies in U.A.E who are ready to pass on their business to our Company particularly for keep their labor to our designated camps which is been passed by Abu Dhabi Municipality.

In addition to that our associate companies in U.A.E are running four labor camps in Musaffah Area since last 5 years whereby 12,000 to 15,000 workers are currently residing from different nationalities. We intend to provide an exclusive service to these workers for their day to day life in addition of providing grocery shop, salon, restaurant, and others.